All abuzz at the Shenkman

David Kearn Vernissage-1The Opening Reception for my exhibition “The Descendants” was a great event. France very effectively curated the exhibition and the visual impact and flow she achieved is stunning. A wonderful job that ignites interest in the exhibition space.

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate with us and also, to all of you who I know have or will see the show.  You have offered so much encouragement.

The Shenkman Arts Centre was abuzz on Sunday, with 4 galleries having their opening receptions, sponsored by Beau’s Beer to boot as a “Beau’s Art” event.

Interesting coincidences connect each of the galleries. “The Descendants”, is also the title of a couple of works by Sarah Anderson in the adjoining gallery. My exhibition’s tag line “What do you see?” is the title of an exhibition in the AOE Gallery by Nath. As a final coincidence, at the Ottawa School of Art gallery, the Montreal artist, Peter Krausz’s “(No) Man’s Land” fills the entire space with just 2 massive panel paintings – so big by the way, that it was a close call as to whether each panel would fit in the center’s elevator!

All of this art-action plus some photo nostalgia from the rock photographer Ethan Russell,  “Best Seat in the House” (lots of Beatles and Stones, finishing soon, 2 April) and the ever-interesting Promenade Arteast exhibit adds up to a not-to-be-missed extravaganza of art at the Shenkman Arts Centre.

David Kearn Vernissage-14 David Kearn Vernissage-2 David Kearn Vernissage-8 David Kearn Vernissage-12David Kearn Vernissage-11

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