Celebrating Canada’s 150th – Framed by History


Impromptu Concert, 16″x20″, Oil on canvas in local Confederation-era frame

Welcome to 2017 and Canada’s 150th!

Last year, France and I made a proposal for an exhibition at one of the municipal art galleries in 2017. Our premise, “Framed by History”, comprised contemporary paintings mounted in original Confederation-era frames. By juxtaposing the new with the old, we thought to draw a connection between local history and contemporary nature in our region. Artistically and as a contribution to celebrating Canada’s150th, we thought we might have a better than even chance! Alas, this time we were not selected. Nevertheless, we’d like to share a visual celebration of our collective 150 years, exploring the arresting relationship between art, history and framing.

France particularly has a longstanding interest in antique picture frames, their renovation and conservation. “Period frames, by virtue of their nostalgia and tangibility, anchor our collective memories and knowledge of times past” says France, “These special windows provide a unique scope through which we may visually review our modern heritage.”

We’re both surprised by the way in which anachronistic images and eras look so right when placed together, the stunning effect of two sometimes strikingly disparate manifestations of time, both contemporary and classic. These works seem to reach out to each other with the frame space becoming an integral part of the art. In a good painting there is balance, discord, or tension: a particular energy making it sing. This also extends to wider spaces and hanging paintings in frames that “work” together.

Our on-line exhibition, “Framed by History” brings together a selection of my paintings matched with antique frames, many from the time of Confederation – all sourced, selected and renovated by France. By juxtaposing the old with the new, an enduring connection is drawn between our shared history and the contemporary artworks.…the present, borne by the past!

We hope you enjoy our gallery.

David and France


2 thoughts on “Celebrating Canada’s 150th – Framed by History

  1. Congratulations on such an intersting proposal; too bad the City didn’t get it. It really is interesting to see how perceptions are changed by a “Frame”.

    • Thanks for the great feedback Janet. France and I have just returned home with another frame, and tomorrow another proposal is going out! As with most matters, persistence is a must. That said, it’s wonderful to be able to share on-line, one wonder of our modern world….David

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