A decade of self portraits…

A close encounter…

Across the ages, artists have documented their likenesses and moods in self portraits. Rembrandt and Van Gogh jump out, among many others. Perhaps these are collectively an investigation of self: a little about aging, vanity, or perhaps another form of communication. It’s been said that it’s difficult to see yourself as others see you – however when I perceive something more than the mirror reflects, I’m always surprised. As an always-available model, I wonder if that might be part of it too. Here are my last 10 years of self portraits:

10 thoughts on “A decade of self portraits…

  1. Really fascinating, and confess to loving the large multi-paneled version of you. But I want to know how come you don’t seem to age, like the rest of us do?
    Maybe you’ve unlocked the fountain of youth by painting yourself into perpetuity?

  2. Hi, cousin. I see Isobel and Eric in every one. Well done over the years.
    Still hope to see you in Aug/Sep for a day or 2.
    Cheers – love to France,

    • Hi Graeme, Hope you and Kate are both well ….we look forward to seeing you this summer. I’ve never really thought how I might see a little of Mum and Dad in my work – this has got me musing over my marks in a new light. That said, I think I definitely have the McLinlock nose! Best from us both, David

  3. What a great model David, you’re a natural! Terrific stuff and so nice for you to have a record of yourself like that.

    • Hey Doug, Great hear from you. Glad you enjoyed the results of my self-modeled work. You’ll be pleased to hear that I regularly pose for some gestures at the start of my drawing and painting classes! David

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