5 years of Break-a-Brush – Top 10 posts!

art is where you take it…and where it takes you!

It’s now a full 5 years since I started this blog and it’s been a consistently wonderful experience. I’m delighted that so many people read and follow it and feel the urge to comment! I write about the art and artists that interest me, muse about connections and corners of art that delight, post some of my work that might otherwise not find an audience and share some methods and ideas that I hope are broadly applicable. Staying topical and relishing the process with kindred art spirits…what’s wrong with that picture!

Thank you all – blogging’s now firmly in my blood

I recently took a look at the blog posts and compiled a list of the most popular, plus a few fond memories:

Sargent and that profile: Madame X

Tom Thomson and Emily Carr in the U.K.!

In praise of underpaintings…

A decade of self portraits…

Emily Coonan and Montreal’s Beaver Hall Group

All abuzz at the Shenkman

Celebrating Canada’s 150th – Framed by History

“Home on the Range”

The Grey Bucket!

People in galleries…

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