Announcing the Break-a-Brush! Mentoring Program

Wherever you might be, we can help you with your art…

Over the past few months, a number of you have asked about distance learning and coaching! Perhaps you have some specific aims outside of the classroom or maybe it’s just not practical to take an art course right now.  Our busy lives often drive us in various directions and time is so often at a premium!

We’ve developed a bespoke drawing and painting mentoring program for the medium of your choice. We’ll start with a three-month outlook of objectives, measures, schedule and other relevant factors. Assignments sent by email will normally include one or more reference images, links to videos and/or text instructions. A review of each assignment will follow, as well as comments on other of your painting projects that you might wish to include. Regular progress meetings are held by phone/Skype or in person, as might be agreed, depending upon logistics.

The program kicks-off in July and you can find details on the website.

Be sure to let me know of anything you might want to include, modify or discuss!