Update on the Break-a-Brush Mentoring Program

it’s a virtual studio…

This Spring, I began distance coaching for a couple of students, and over the summer the program expanded as a number of artists came on board: Some looking for structured support with specific aims outside of the classroom, others finding it just not practical to take an art course or workshop right now. Our busy lives often drive us in various directions and time is so often at a premium!

The artist and I typically start with a three-month outlook and I then work with the participants on individual weekly assignments, advice and reviews. Email has been working well as our prime communication mode, supplemented by Skype, phone and where practical, an occasional meeting for coffee. There is a pretty diverse set of interests, with watercolour, acrylic and oil all being represented. A couple of artists are looking to develop their portfolios prior to pursuing their art education, a couple have specific painting projects in process and some are developing their skills, following something more akin to an on-line course.

I’ve been getting some great feedback and this has really energized me to continue and develop the program:

“Hello David. Thank you very much for your wonderful criticism (positive, as always) of my first painting in this series! By the way, how did you touch up my painting? Did you use “Paint” on microsoft! Impressive! I agree with your comments/suggestions. I will work on my next sketch a bit later this week. I think this mentoring method via internet is working well. Cheers,” Claire LG

“I thought your video was great! Had to turn up my sound, but the message got across well. Good questions from the crowd! To sum it up – this was an awesome exercise! I’m excited to use these principles in the next assignment” Nicole Wootten

“OK, this is an interesting exercise! Especially with the left hand but I can definitely see how much more thinking is required from using that hand… it is fun, I am having a hard time limiting myself to 5 mins….Thank you!” Chantal Dupuis

“Terrific! Thanks so very much, David. Your mentoring emails, complete with links, are like presents xmas morn. So much to unwrap! Love it! I know I will have great fun exploring. And yes, I enjoy our chats, too. Connect again soon.”  Barbara Dundass

The program runs at a monthly subscription rate of $100.00 . There are still a couple of places available for October: should this sound like a good fit for you, just contact me by email at david@davidkearn.com, by phone on 613 620 6737 or confirm participation via PayPal: Click here.

Additional information and details of our Fall Saturday Workshop Program are on the courses section of the website.