Some recent studies…

A favorite of mine, this oil sketch of a class model, Dot.

Each term, I invariably undertake a few demos and investigations in class – some serious,  others whimsical and I enjoy them all. Here’s a crop of classwork pieces I’ve collected this Fall:

Whenever I run a class on self portraits, it’s only fair that I do one too.

France says it looks a bit melancholy – the classic “why am I looking at myself in this mirror” look. Here’s another selfie, this time with marker on white board:

I’ve enjoyed doing a few caricatures recently.

Following are a couple of sketches of another David, a class model:

David, posing as Van Gogh, the first watercolour and ink, the second with a sharpie.

David’s hand (with my brushes) in pastel and charcoal.

And here’s a watercolour of another model:

James, in watercolour and charcoal.

I wrote about interpreting the masters in an earlier blog post…..not necessarily copying, although invariably respecting the original. Here are a couple of interpretations of a drawing by Winslow Homer:

The first with some wash and the second a modernist twist.

….and I’m fond of this impromptu tribute to Honoré Daumier:

Sometimes the simple studies are the most enjoyable!

Finally, I don’t need much tempting to study still life, it’s the availability and simplicity of the subject that intrigues:

Flower arrangement in pastel.

The enduring delight of the Sunflower, in oil.

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  1. Such interesting studies David. Always enjoy your blogs! A Merry Christmas to you and France. Claire

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