Our 100th Break-a-Brush Workshop!

Here we are with our 100th workshop Congrats card!

Last Saturday, we completed our 100th Break-a-Brush Workshop!

It hardly seems possible to have arrived so suddenly at this amazing milestone – these past 5 years have flown by so swiftly. During that time, we were honoured to have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful artists in the greater Ottawa area – and beyond.

Every step of the way, we were delighted to discover the extent to which art thrives in the soul of this beautiful Capital area. Your level of dedication, interest and willingness to share is, if not off the scale, simply world-class. We’ve seen fledgling artists who began with much trepidation acquire much skill, confidence and a sense of belonging in the art community. Such accomplishment. We’ve also seen many seasoned artists of top-drawer caliber escape for a day away of uninterrupted painting, sharing generously with fellow artists and still others joyously dusting off an artist’s soul after decades of life’s busyness having displaced the paintbrush.

We’ve learned so much together, shared many a happy moment and much laughter.

Artists from many backgrounds came together for wonderful Saturdays, idyllic 3-day Summer workshops in breathtakingly beautiful Wakefield, Quebec and exciting plein-air days around the capital, underscored with a gentle undercurrent of shared feelings for and about life.

The art which has been produced is absolutely astonishing in quality. Relentlessly amazed at the amount of work our participants push through every single day of painting and sketching, it’s small wonder we sometimes have a challenge to get artists to take a lunch break!

We are so very lucky to have shared such a marvelous journey with you, and are looking forward to more brilliant workshops. Many thanks for all of  the kind words and good wishes – they will resonate with us a very long time indeed.


France and David


8 thoughts on “Our 100th Break-a-Brush Workshop!

  1. Congratulations David and France! The few workshops I participated in were well worth it. Let’s hope you are able to reach 200 workshops ! Claire

    • Thanks Claire. We certainly enjoy them as well. Given that 100 went by so quickly, there may very well be a chance that 200 is dfinitely possible!

  2. What a lovely letter. I have never been to any of your classes but read your blog eagerly. I hope that soon I will join you and others and am sure I will be encouraged to go further in my painting journey.

    • Dear Jim, so nice to hear from you!! Thanks so much for your kind encouragement……we could never have done it without all of the wonderful artists that participated. Hope to see you again soon. Best regards, France and David.

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