The new “Virtual Workshop”

France and I have had the idea of a “virtual workshop” for some time now: a website resource and email information service, designed to complement to artists’ tool kits. Courses and Saturday workshops may not be for everyone and not at all practical for some. A “virtual workshop” .extends our range of activities into new opportunities for art endevours.

“” is a new subscription website resource email information service. Members of this new program receive regular emails, content notifications and have access to a new on-line service consisting of:

  • Workshop Moments: Video segments from Break-a-Brush workshops: demonstrations and discussions;
  • An evolving database of useful methods and practices, with the widest applicability to various mediums;
  • Weekly “Brush Bristles” emails: Ideas and truisms that keep artists thriving;
  • A weekly “Ask David” process: “Agony Artist”- oriented replies to creative impasses and vexing questions;
  • Studio Moments: Video commentary, ideas and work-in-progress insights from deep inside David’s studio.

We’ve been steadily adding content to the site for the last couple of months and organizing the email information service. We’re now fully up and running and you can check out  a range of sample pages, posts and videos at

Let us know what you think – we’re all ears for your feedback and comments. We hope that perhaps you will join with us in this new art community!

In order to avoid confusion with our new service, I’ve “re-branded” my blog from “Break-a-Brush – David’s Art Blog” to “David Kearn”,  I’ll be continuing to post all of the news on my new artworks, gallery events and ideas!


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