about this blog

Within each painting I discover something new…

…so welcome to my art blog. I’m looking forward to sharing some of my experiences, thoughts and ideas:  perhaps more informally and interactively as can be in the classroom/studio, or at my exhibitions, or on my website www.davidkearn.com.

and why “Break a Brush!”?…

…well, as I rush out for some painting event or class my wife invariably calls out after me “Break a Brush!”: adapted from the performing arts community where the  expression  “Break a leg” expresses “good luck”, theatrical superstition holding that to wish a person “good luck” is in fact “bad luck”.

So Break a Brush!


20 thoughts on “about this blog

  1. Congrats Dave on this latest and creative venue.

    I will look forward to making regular visits to see what you are doing and


  2. Looking forward to following your blog. Loved your sketchbook from your travels! When I can’t afford to travel, experiencing different places through the eyes of a fellow artist is the next best thing!!

  3. I am really enjoying the courses you are giving David, both the portraiture, also the creative painting. I could take that again, In class I was working from a photo re the interior of Van Gogh which I made a sort of copy of it on canvas, it is awesome only because it is ‘expressive’!! my art up to now was so controlled, but I am learning new techniques that are so important, all about color, it is great, see you in class Claudia

    • Hi Claudia, Thanks for the great feedback – I’m delighted you’re getting so much out of the courses. By the by, just today I got an email from the National Gallery: Tickets for the upcoming Van Gogh exhibition are now on sale!

  4. Congratulations to the new blog, great sketches {my favourite is the one with the view from a cabin, neat and different view point} and Im looking forward to see what you will do next.

  5. hi, I am so liking my two classs, expressive portraits and creative ptg. I am starting over in my art, new style, time to move on. How does one go outside to paint, I need constant supply of water for paint and brushes, etc etc and by the way, me and Bob my husband were in Punto Cana a few years ago. We have photos any time you are interested to see them. It seems really a challenge to go out and paint. what say you?

    • I agree Claudia, painting outside is a challenge for the reasons you mention and then some! To get started it’s a good idea to keep things pretty simple: small studies or sketches, without too much a need for equipment. Enjoy he outdoors first and the painting and painting kit will follow!

  6. Hi David, I was at my moms nursing home today. For Christmas my sister got me a tiny paint set with tiny canvas paper. I did a portrait of my mom, I captured her, will bring it tomorrow. I think in the warmer weather I will try to get out and paint. Yes, start small. see you in class, regards Claudia

  7. David,

    I have learned a great deal during this semester and I have enjoyed your gentle, enlightened teaching.


  8. I would like you and your student artists to know that I took your portraiture course three times and your expressive painting course twice. David, you are an excellent teacher / artist. I learned a lot in your classes. now it is time to try something new and different. I like to do small portraits too on canvas paper, 8 X 10 and they take about two to three hours, like one sitting because i never get the exact color after a half painted portrait, you know, take it home to finish it!! Sincerely Claudia

  9. Hi David,

    yes, but my paintings are still ‘my paintings’!! ummm my style, well, you will see my self portrait today, Bob brought it to class, C

  10. I have to Thank David, he gave excellent instruction to all his students. I learned to do the color wheel, color theory which was huge. my paintings became more expressive which is huge, David spent a lot of time helping and including me in his classes. He offered me to join his plien air ptg this summer, my first experience. He picked me up around Rockcliffe park and drove me the plein air destination and then drove me to the OSA afterwards as I had no transportation. we had some great talks about art, he tried to provide me extra material because i had taken his class so often, i always wanted to do portraiture and I am grateful to David for going the extra mile, esp he tried to help me so much. Sometimes life isn’t that easy, so we put our problems or pain on others or just wreck our own lives, I am curious to see what I paint in the next month as classes at OSA are over, and I hope he will help set up a show in the cabinets to display work that he influenced in me, as my teacher and sort of mentor for the past year, he deserves a lot of credit, his classes were fun and inclusive, thank you David,

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