Announcing Limited Edition Prints…

Limited edition giclée prints now available

David and I are very pleased to offer a series of limited edition prints of David’s floral artworks, on stretched gallery-style canvas.

Long, loose paint strokes, evocative of time-lapse transformation. Many of us have noticed how change happens so stealthily in a garden, or in a bouquet of fresh-cut blossoms. Painting flowers is a perennial challenge. The essence of their beauty lies partly in their changing energy, which David strives to capture in each of his works through a dynamic interplay between movement and light.

Having had the opportunity to both observe and hang David’s works over the years has fueled a desire to share his unique artistic perspective more widely with others. Limited edition canvas prints are now available. To check them out, Click here.

5 years of Break-a-Brush – Top 10 posts!

art is where you take it…and where it takes you!

It’s now a full 5 years since I started this blog and it’s been a consistently wonderful experience. I’m delighted that so many people read and follow it and feel the urge to comment! I write about the art and artists that interest me, muse about connections and corners of art that delight, post some of my work that might otherwise not find an audience and share some methods and ideas that I hope are broadly applicable. Staying topical and relishing the process with kindred art spirits…what’s wrong with that picture!

Thank you all – blogging’s now firmly in my blood

I recently took a look at the blog posts and compiled a list of the most popular, plus a few fond memories:

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A decade of self portraits…

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People in galleries…

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A decade of self portraits…

A close encounter…

Across the ages, artists have documented their likenesses and moods in self portraits. Rembrandt and Van Gogh jump out, among many others. Perhaps these are collectively an investigation of self: a little about aging, vanity, or perhaps another form of communication. It’s been said that it’s difficult to see yourself as others see you – however when I perceive something more than the mirror reflects, I’m always surprised. As an always-available model, I wonder if that might be part of it too. Here are my last 10 years of self portraits:

A Special Season – Christmas in Bath

View of Westgate St, Bath

View of Westgate St, Bath, December 2014

In my youth, I took Westgate Street for granted. Located in my home town of Bath (UK), it was part of my psyche when growing up.

Decades later, I received a calendar of Bath scenes, both new and old, including a B&W photo of this particular street, circa 1930. This image then found it’s way into my course materials as a reference for exercises on perspective. It may appear familiar to some of you as it has been included in many of my lessons on this intriguing subject!

The main thrust of my approach by the way, is that perspective needn’t be perfect, just plausible. So put away your rulers and try it freehand.

This new photo was taken in Bath just a few days ago, showing everyone scurrying about, getting ready for Christmas. Amidst multifarious preparations, this idyllic area of England was still too warm for a sleigh ride, nevertheless beautifully compensated by this nostalgic horse and carriage as well as the spirit of the season.

France and I send our very best wishes for a Joyful Christmas Season.

One of my demonstration paintings, loosely based on Westgate St., 16x20 in, Oil on canvas

One of my demonstration perspectives, loosely based on Westgate St., 16×20 in, Oil on canvas

The year that was!

13.0924_AE-16crscaledTwo years into this blog concludes a very active 2013!

A major development was the launch of “Break-a-Brush! Workshops” in February. After running 16 successful Saturday sessions, France and I are once again looking forward to our 2014 program. Thanks again to everyone who participated and also to those who gave us such great positive input for the 2014 program. You’ve validated our efforts!

DSC07498The highlight of the plein-air sessions this year was definitely our sortie to Rockcliffe outlook. with a maximum temperature of about 5 degrees and rain. The frigid conditions didn’t stop our intrepid group of die-harders! Congratulations all.

DSC07633Teaching a couple of Art Summer Camps kept me on my toes again this year, especially when I was asked “post modern” questions by 9 year olds interested in the nature of abstraction and whether randomness constitutes art.

DSC08328scaleWhat of my own art? I’m often asked how painting and teaching mesh and I’m pleased to say this all works out very nicely for me. Working with other artists enhances my own work in the scheme of my practice. I must admit I have a good deal more “work-in-progress” than finished pieces but then as Eugene Delacroix effectively said “paintings finish themselves in the corner of the studio”.

France and I would like to wish you all Seasons Greetings and the very best for the new year.

Here’s to 2014!

David & France