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The Break-a-Brush! Workshop Program:

We know of few catalysts that capture imagination more than art does. Art thrives on community, for without an audience, it could not flourish. It continues to be a perfect medium to bring people together to communicate and create in more than just artistic ways. It changes people, enables them to grow and lets them forget about the immediate – at least for a little while! Our workshops are designed to encourage what comes naturally, making learning, pushing boundaries and creating flow easily.


We cover key painting subjects and walk with some incredible master painters. In each workshop, participants create an artwork from scratch or bring along a work-in-progress and are welcome to use the medium of their choice. Break-a-Brush! Workshops will appeal to a wide range of skill levels: from relative beginners, to practiced artists wanting to pursue a new style.
Together we will dispel myths and develop sound practices, creativity and expression!


The 2017 Break-a-Brush! Spring Saturday Workshop Program

Saturday 6 May 2017: Lawren Harris and Mountain Forms

Artists have painted many of the enduring and iconic images where the earth reaches out towards the sky. Lawren Harris’s mountains become a metaphor for communication between humans and the divine, conveying a sense of spiritual aspiration or, the conclusion of a life’s journey. Lawren Harris provided much of the vision, energy and resources behind the Group of Seven. On annual trips to the North Shore of Lake Superior, he developed the style he is best known for: rich, decorative colours melding with his deeply-felt perception of nature. During the 1920s, his work became more abstract and simplified: his stark landscapes of the Canadian North and Arctic resonate today.


Saturday 20 May 2017: From Middling to Majestic!

Whether seeking to correct a problematic painting, perhaps start over on a subject that has eluded or unsure as to how to proceed with a work-in-progress, this is the workshop. Focus will be on reinforcing strong elements as well as turning problems into opportunities for composition, colour, value and texture. All stages of painting will be investigated: from drawing and loose blocking to washes, detailing, creating expressive effects and sparkling final glazes!


Saturday 27 May 2017: From Plein-air to Studio

Develop your landscape drawing and painting confidence! We will cover sound practices as they apply to both plein-air and studio endeavours. What to paint on location: should I sketch or use paint media? How might I best use reference photos? Who hasn’t returned to the studio from a sketching expedition and thought, “what now”? Weather permitting, this workshop will include an optional “Plein-air” sketching and painting expedition at a nearby scenic location, later returning to the studio to create spectacular finished works.


Saturday 10 June 2017: People in their environment

This workshop will explore creating vivid living compositions in dry media and paint, working form both live model and photo references. The workshop will include trusted drawing techniques and painting using a variety of media, applied individually and in combination. There will be a focus on observation, sound technique and structure, along with exploring people in real world situations – placing people into scenes and compositions. Individual coaching will be provided, based on each student’s needs and goals.


Saturday 17 June 2017: Tom Thomson’s Spring

Tom Thomson directly influences our lives with his iconic Canadian paintings. Painting before the Group of Seven was formed, many would say he posthumously became the group’s emotional and creative heart. Thomson died under mysterious circumstances, only adding to his mystique. Poignantly, that final Spring, Thomson set out to capture the essence of this magical season in daily paint sketches.
Explore the romance of Canadian landscape motifs with Tom Thomson as your inspiration. Weather permitting, this workshop will include an optional “Plein-air” sketching and painting expedition at a nearby scenic location, later returning to the studio to create spectacular finished works.


The sessions take place on Saturdays, from 09:30 am to 04:30 pm at Rothwell United Church, 42 Sumac Street, Ottawa, K1J 6P7

The ground floor studio offers good natural light and easy access for all participants

Map to the Rothwell United Church: click here

Cost per workshop is $95.00.

Reserve any 4-plus workshops at a cost of $75.00 each.

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